Car Repossesion and Credit Report

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Your credit score is affected if you are a victim of car repossession. Now let us see how this operates. Assuming you are no longer able to make your EMI payments, it would automatically reflect in your credit report. You would have already crossed the 30-60 days due date. Realization would have set in only after 2 or 3 months. Now, what do your do. It is definitely not good if the repossession occurs.

Say for example X Company wants to repossess your vehicle and your outstanding amount of loan is about 9000 dollars. Once the company is in possession of your car, they have every right to dispose off your vehicle. Suppose they dispose off your vehicle for about 5000 $, they would still want you to settle the outstanding amount. You would still have to pay the outstanding amount even though you do not own the vehicle. Your credit report would reflect the repossession item. It would be denoted by I-9, which indicates that you have yet to settle the installment amount.

If the company feels it is not able to get the money back from you, then would write off this as a loss or bad debts.

Now what happens when you intend applying for a loan from another company. They would want to check your credit report, and if they notice the repossession clause, it would affect your creditworthiness. You can be rest assured that they would not want to have any dealings with you. This entry would remain in your file for the next 7 years, making it absolutely difficult for you to get any future loans and credits.

Your credit score automatically drops down and you are not in a position to get any credit from any company. Despite your best efforts to settle the balance loan amount, the entry still lingers in your credit file for the next seven years. There are possibilities that you could still talk to your creditors that you have paid off the outstanding amounts. Ensure that you communicate with your creditors in writing. Also ensure that your creditor also pens down the agreement so that there are no errors or any communication problem. Hence one is advised that one maintains all communication in written form.

If your credit report goes for a toss, then it is extremely difficult to rectify it. This does not imply that you have permanently spoilt your credit report; it implies that it would take time to rectify the damage caused. One needs to ensure that one pays off all the pending loan amounts due and start afresh, applying for a loan. There are methods and means where you have to pay the creditor about 500$. This is just like a deposit, in case you are unable to make the payments. The creditor is assured that he has not lost his money. The payment due would be deducted from this deposit amount.

A bad credit score could also be a hurdle in getting a good job. You would also have to exorbitant rates of premium on your car and vehicle insurance.

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